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About Us

We provide support services in the tax area. Our support focuses on solving current problematic issues as well as on planning of the processes and running business.

Our team is comprised of specialists (tax advisors), who have gained experience in top consulting companies and practitioners who were actively involved in the business processes. Therefore, not only we understand needs of our clients but first of all we are able to spot crucial tax issues, which are not visible and obvious from the perspective of the management but can significantly affect the profitability of the business.

Within the scope of work for our clients, our main focus is on clarity of communication and on availability of our team. We built our values on the individual approach to the client and constant close contact, which lets us get to know the business and idea.

  • Transfer
    pricing documentation

    Transactions between affiliated entities constitute relevant part of the business and are associated with additional documentation obligations. Failure to provide such, can result in sanctions against companies and management.

    For our clients we prepare documentation of transfer pricing both on the local level (local file) and on the level of the group of companies (master file). In this scope we can provide services in normal and express (7-day) mode which is needed in case the authorities ask for the documentation. We can also verify and update existing documentation.


    Starting from 2017, for many entities the mandatory part of the tax documentation is economic comparative analysis of the transactions. Primary goal of the economic analysis is comparison of the prices charged by the affiliated companies with those used by independent ones. Process of preparing such analysis is highly complicated and requires access to advance programs and databases.

    For our clients we offer preparation of economic analysis for each type of transactions concluded by the companies.

  • TP Policy

    In the face of increasing number of official controls focused on transactions between affiliated entities, adequate preparation of future transactions within the group can significantly decrease risks in the negative tax consequences.

    We offer our clients analysis of the planned transactions both in terms of potential tax risks as well as in identifying proper transfer pricing mechanism. As a result, our clients act in the most efficient and secure tax way.


    Tax authorities are increasing focus on verifying transactions between affiliated entities for preserving market conditions. Controls of tax authorities on transfer pricing documentations in addition to VAT audits are top priority for 2017.

    We offer support during tax proceedings and proceedings related to the transfer pricing documentation. Our support includes among others, communication with the authorities and preparation of all types of motions during proceedings.

  • Tax reviews

    In order to find new sources of state income, authorities introduce new mechanisms which help automatically verify accounts of taxpayers (JPK, JPK-VAT, CIT-TP). At the same time, the number of controls in fields of VAT and CIT are increasing. In these new circumstances, properly identified risks are crucial.

    We offer our clients tax reviews that help identify and estimate potential tax risks associated with operating of the company.

    Tax relief on R&D

    We support companies in effective and secure solutions that can reduce tax liabilities.

    In regards to Research and Development tax relief, we analyze possibilities to apply additional tax relief and prepare all necessary documentation. We supervise the whole process on applying tax relief which can result in a significant tax advantage.

  • VAT Shield

    Companies operating in all market sectors are exposed to forbidden VAT extortions. Tax authorities which are responsible to combat VAT frauds can much easier go against honest tax payers than criminals. This is why mechanisms securing companies against VAT extortions are so crucial for the business.

    We offer our clients preparation and implementation of due diligence procedures in verification of trade partners.

    Ongoing advisory

    For many years we have advised hundreds of the companies operating in almost each sector of the market on how to securely and efficiently approach tax issues in Poland. The correctness of the tax settlements is especially important when tightening of the sanctions for taxpayers’ misconduct is increasing.

    We offer our experience as an ongoing tax advisory on all issues related to the clients’ business.


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